Are Food Allergies Genetic?

Today, we are going to explore the question of whether or not food allergies are genetic. Is it possible for parents to pass allergies down to children, or do people simply develop allergies themselves? By looking at all of the existing evidence out there, we’re able to come to a conclusion.  What are food allergies?… Continue reading Are Food Allergies Genetic?

Jessica Guht Aug. 01, 2022


Can Allergies Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes?

To answer this question, let’s first review some basic anatomy and physiology. The human body has several systems that work together so that your body can function and carry out everyday activities.  One of those systems is the lymphatic system, which is a major part of the immune system. The lymphatic system and the immune… Continue reading Can Allergies Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes?

Victoria Fanslau Jul. 22, 2022


Can Allergies Cause Laryngitis?

Laryngitis is a condition that is reported to affect over 3 million Americans each year and it can cause a lot of disruption to your life, not to mention pain. When you experience the symptoms, you will be equipped with a host of questions about how to treat them and prevent future episodes. One of… Continue reading Can Allergies Cause Laryngitis?

Victoria Fanslau Jul. 13, 2022


Can Allergies Cause Bronchitis?

Many people suffer from allergies, but does that mean that you are at risk of bronchitis? The team at DrHouse wants to help clear this up and help you identify whether your symptoms may point towards allergic bronchitis. Let’s have a look at more details.  An Overview Of Allergies An allergy is when the body’s… Continue reading Can Allergies Cause Bronchitis?

Jessica Guht Jul. 13, 2022


Can Allergies Cause Nosebleeds?

The link between allergies and nosebleeds isn’t obvious at first blush. After all, not all nose bleeds are the result of an overactive immune system.  However, as you will discover in this post, there are links between them, something that several studies now confirm.  Allergies and nosebleeds – What causes them? Allergies occur when your… Continue reading Can Allergies Cause Nosebleeds?

Jessica Guht Jul. 12, 2022


Can Allergies Cause Ear Pain?

Ear pain is something that can happen occasionally for various reasons. You might have a pain that quickly goes away, but you can also feel more persistent pain or pain that keeps coming back.  If you have ear pain, one possibility is that it’s being caused by allergies. Allergies can affect the eyes, ears, nose,… Continue reading Can Allergies Cause Ear Pain?

Jessica Guht Jul. 09, 2022


Can Allergies Cause Ear Infections?

It is reported that 7.7% of adults and 7.2% of children under the age of 18 suffer from seasonal allergies every year. This equates to over 20 million people in the US, and allergies can be responsible for a whole host of additional health concerns. There are strong links between allergies and respiratory issues, but… Continue reading Can Allergies Cause Ear Infections?

Jessica Guht Jul. 08, 2022


Can Allergies Cause Dry Mouth?

The changing seasons bring along a new host of allergens in the air, causing itching, sneezing, and watery eyes. However, one of the less well-known symptoms of allergies is a dry mouth, which can result from allergies or allergy medicine.  A dry mouth is not only uncomfortable, leaving you eternally wishing for a drink of… Continue reading Can Allergies Cause Dry Mouth?

Jessica Guht Jun. 20, 2022